Food track






Food track 1
HD-Video 7:46 min.
Artist receiving food deliveries at his apartment door.



video excerpt (Food track 2)

Food track 2
Unauthorized Intervention, Vienna, 2019
HD-Video 10:40 min.
Artist is operating as fake delivery rider in Vienna using a self-made uniform and delivery box.Filmed with body camera the video offers a totally different perspective and dynamic than Food track 1. The consumer has to go hunting himself. He is tracing other riders, entering restaurants asking for „Orders“ (never mentioning the companies name). Mostly he is sent away but two times he is lucky: the communication is very limited, everything is organized digitally. Especially in the evening when there is rush hour riders are often late-the staff in the restaurants is stressed out. One piece of seized bread became a piece of art.

fake delivery box and uniform (stenciled cardboard, raincoat and helmet)



seized bread (Food track 2)

Commissioned by Neue Galerie (Tiroler Künstlerschaft), Innsbruck, Austria