Forchetta delle Dolomiti by Giorgio Palma, Museion Bozen/Bolzano 2013

Imaging Links/on the interventions of Leopold Kessler by Fouad Asfour, Singapore Biennial 2011

The Tension of Inconclusive Events by Fouad Asfour, Spike Magazine 2009

Artistic Repairs to the Public Space by Maria Anna Potocka, Bunkier Sztuki 2009

Artist´s Favourites by Dan Perjovschi, Spike Magazine 2008

A talk about clean shoes, borders and decoy ducks with Jacob Fabricius, Malmo Konsthall 2008

Netze anzapfen – Zur ästhetischen Strategie von Leopold Kessler by Raimar Stange, KUNST-BULLETIN, Luzern 2007

Leopold Kessler by Eva Scharrer, Sharjah Biennial 2007

Impertinences in general by Johan Hartle, Secession 2006

Leopold Kessler: Review by Brigitte Huck, Artforum 2005

Interview with Aaron Moulton, Royal College 2005

Was tun – Mit dem alternativen Wissen der Kunst? by Natasa Petresin, Parkett 2005

Was will Europa?  Flash Art 2004