Sodamachine a and b







Sodamachine a and b
2 sodamachines, GSM-Techinque
The two machines are linked with each other by GSM-Technique. If you insert money in „Machine a“ the can drops out of „Machine b“ and vice versa. In Palais de Tokyo one machine was placed in the public self service restaurant and the other inside the exhibitionspace (Exhibition: one second one year). The machines can communicate between any places worldwide.


Other presentations:







Machine a: Malmo Konsthall (Foyer)                               Machine b: Lund Konsthall (Foyer)
Sweden, 2008
Lund is about 50 km away from Malmo, both Konsthall-buildings were build by the same architect
(Klas Anshelm).


The show moved to Mostoles in Spain, but „Machine a“ stayed in Malmo:

soda3Machine a: Malmö Konsthall (Foyer), Machine b: Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo, Mostoles, Spain, 2009